Well worth it.  Wonderful to be able to bite in comfort!

CarmenDental Implant Patient

As you can imagine, the news that the best solution to solve the problem caused by an abscess was to be an implant did not feel me with joy. I took the decision to have it done after Dr Visser presented carefully all the other options available with their technical and financial advantages and disadvantages. Having an implant was going to be a lenghty and expensive process, in my case, because it involved a bone graft before work on the implant itself could start in earnest.

I was given a leaflet on dental implant which provided information on the procedure and given time to make up my mind. I took advice from a member of my family who has had a straightforward implant done, and did a bit of research on internet to make sure that I was making an informed decision.

Yes, I would recommend implants to people because the end result is very good and I have so far been very pleased with it. However, people must be prepared to be patient.

The surgery was carried out with care and consideration. Immediately afterwards I was given pain killers and ice packs to prevent posible swelling and advised to phone the surgery if I had any concerns, pains or problems after the bone graft and the setting of the implant.

I am very happy with the attentive and considerate care and service I have received from Dr Visser and his support team. The clerical team is helpful, efficient, personable and always welcoming. I particularly like receiving emails and text messages to remind me of coming appointments. I have also appreciated being able to make swift emergency appointments each time I needed them.
Yes I would recommend your Practice and already have done so.

DominiqueDental Implant Patient

I found everything to be well-explained and the actual treatment was painless and trouble free for me. So despite a rather long and anxious hour or so in the chair, I was satisfied that I knew what was happening and that I was in good hands. Both my dentist and the surgeon were kind and courteous and put me at ease.  I recommend implants to everyone based on my very positive experience and I would not hesitate to have another if I needed one and I had the funds to do so.  I would recommend Preston House for sure.  I cannot offer any suggestions for improvement and I am 100% happy with the treatment I received.

JulieDental Implant Patient

The initial consultation was clear and balanced and backed up by X-rays and leaflet information.  I also did some online research as well so felt fairly well informed.  The estimate for the work was also very clear, setting out the staging of payments and total costs.

As you know, I have had two lots of surgery for implants.  The first time (3 implants) was a bit daunting in prospect, but with hindsight wasn’t as bad as I expected.  The most uncomfortable part was the taking of X-rays during the surgery.  The second occasion (1 implant) seemed very quick.  I expected much more discomfort post-surgery, but compared to eg. root canal treatment, implant surgery had less impact with no real soreness at all.

On both occasions I had surgery on Friday and greatly appreciated the follow-up telephone call after the weekend.  As always, I was treated very professionally with everything explained carefully and everything happening on time.  I would certainly recommend implants to people I know if they prove suitable for the process.  I would definitely not want to go back to partial dentures etc.  Although implants are marginally more rigid than natural teeth (to be expected) they work extremely well – so far, so good in my experience.  The 3-4 months between surgery and final fitting might seem a drawback to some people, but it’s not really that inconvenient.  The end result is worth the wait.

As you are probably aware, I have been a patient at Preston House for over 40 years and the record has been a good one.  I am constantly amazed at what modern dentistry can do and am grateful to be able to take advantage of innovations.  I would have no hesitation in recommending the Practice to anyone.

DavinaDental Implant Patient

Excellent treatment, I would highly recommend this dentist, staff extremely friendly and calming, dentist explained everything in great detail and nothing was too much trouble, having read about the disasters of titanium implants/all-done-in-one-day in the recent press, I am glad I opted for the advice and treatment given by Preston House Dr Visser. Took longer than I expected, but the end result was worth the wait, I would not hesitate to recommend this dentist or the implants/surgery.

LindaDental Implant Patient

I am pleased to offer feedback on my recent implant treatment.

From the original assessment, through to completion, I have been delighted. The experience and process of providing implants was quite unknown to me, but I was offered every opportunity to ask questions, which were answered in detail. The whole team were able to build my confidence, which allowed me to go ahead. I was warned that there may be discomfort, maybe a degree of plain, and, once implants are in place, perhaps there may be a short while when my mouth feels a little strange. I was grateful to be forewarned of such possibilities. However, although the work was considerable (I had one front and two molar implants), there was little discomfort and certainly no pain.

My confidence has risen, I don’t make sure my lips are closed when I spot someone with a camera, and I don’t find myself trying to hide behind my hand any more. The entire team at Preston House were so considerate and kind, which made me feel totally confident in going forward with this significant work.

I have one regret – that I didn’t I discover this procedure much sooner…………certainly before I was asking for the front tooth crown to be replaced for the fourth time. Preston House Dental Practice was recommended to me upon my moving to Kent from my dentist of 30 years in Hampshire. It was Preston House who put implant procedures forward, as a permanent solution to the problems I was experiencing/developing. Their high level of client care and highest levels of advice, professionalism and expertise have given me back so much – improved appearance, healthy mouth…….I am so very grateful. Only someone in a similar position could possibly understand just how great I now feel and how grateful I am.

I have had the opportunity not only to recommend the process, but to recommend Preston House in particular, for the reasons already given, and many more. – their ability to offer financial advice/guidance, their availability at short notice, prompt response to emails, telephone calls, etc. My experience has demonstrated that Preston House processes are seamless, from significant treatment or regular hygienist/check-up appointments.

AudreyDental Implant Patient

Everyone at Preston House is extremely friendly and always extra helpful. Johan’s experience, confidence and professionalism go a long way; two thumbs up.

Peter SlabbertDental Patient

I needed a bone graft and front tooth implant following a cycling accident. Throughout the process the staff at Preston House Dental Surgery were friendly, approachable and caring, and kept me well-informed about all the procedures.  I am very happy with the result of my implant (both functionally and cosmetically).  I can warmly recommend Dr Visser and Preston House Dental Surgery.

ElnaDental Implant Patient

From start to finish I was kept fully informed of the type and nature of the treatments I was signing up for and any questions I needed to ask were answered clearly and succinctly giving me full confidence. The initial discussion with Dr Visser and the consultant was particularly useful. I was treated very respectfully by the staff at all times.

Initially from a position where I was unsure about the implant procedure, I will be very happy to recommend implants to any of my friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Definitely without a doubt, I will recommend your practice! Would I prefer you do something differently in future? No…………..a first class product and service!!

SueDental Implant Patient


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