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Adult Plan Pricing

 Our Care PlanPrivate
Routine ExaminationINCLUSIVE£70.00 (incl. x-rays)
New Patient Consultation£80.00 (incl. x-rays)£100.00 (exl. x-rays)
X-ray (per film)INCLUSIVE£9.00
OPG X-ray£28.00£35.00
Hygienist VisitINCLUSIVE £47.00
Tooth Coloured Fillingfrom £60.00from £70.00
Root Canal Fillingfrom £225.00 from £280.00
Porcelain Bonded Crownfrom £315.00 from £392.00
Full Gold Crownfrom £323.00 from £403.00
Crown Replacementfrom £48.00 £60.00
Cerec: One Visit Crown£320 £400.00
Porcelain Bonded Bridge (2 unit)from £450.00 from £595.00
Veneerfrom £340.00 from £420.00
Extractionfrom £55.00 from £70.00
Surgical Extractionfrom £90.00 from £115.00
Full Acrylic Denturefrom £560.00 from £800.00
Full Upper & Lower Denturefrom £650.00 from £8000.00
Partial Chrome Denturefrom £575.00 from £775.00



Children Plan Pricing

 Our Care PlanPrivate
Examination (children 5 years and over)INCLUSIVE£29.00
X-ray (per film)INCLUSIVE£9.00
OPG X-ray£28.00£30.00
Teeth cleaning with dentist if neededINCLUSIVE £30.00
Tooth Coloured Filling (permanent tooth)from £65.00from £65.00
Filling in Baby Toothfrom £30.00 from £30.00
Fissure Sealant (per tooth)from £18.00 from £18.00
Extraction (permanent tooth)from £50.00 from £50.00
Extraction (baby tooth)from £30.00 from £30.00

These charts are guides to the typical fees, but fees may vary according to each patient’s individual needs. This is by no means a comprehensive list of treatment available at the practice.